Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So somehow I let a week slip away from me without posting anything at all. And now of course I am nervous about posting, since I haven't posted for so long. And I feel of course that I should have some sort of explanation. Though I don't in fact really have an explanation. That first day with no post just kind of slipped by and from there it sort of snow balled. I have actually read a couple of great books, and even have a books post in the editing screen (and yet have been unable to finish it up for days and Days now) though no clue when it will actually be ready to post.

So now at least I have restarted my daily posting, even though this post isn't really about anything at all. And yet it is a post. So that tomorrow when I go to post again, it will show that I did at least write a post here today. A post about not writing posts.