Saturday, September 13, 2008

a happy Saturday

and a happy Saturday to you. Work kind of sucked but after it was over, I went and picked up Staci and brought her home and made a wonderful shrimp etouffee. Ron isn't feeling well and didn't want any but Staci, Sam and I really enjoyed it. Then Staci and I took a ride to Fred Meyer and bought ice cream. The chocolate cherry nut was So good. Hope your day was good too and check out my new book post over on The Thin Red Line.

Friday, September 12, 2008

another Friday

means back to work for me. We had a staff meeting from ten to eleven. They seem to be Really concerned that materials get put out on the shelves within 24 hours from check in. I am Not altogether sure how realistic that goal is or what Exactly they intend to do about it.
Ah well.

Thursday was a great day. I took Ron and Sam down to Mount Rainer and it was a lovely drive. I had intended we would eat at the restaurant at Paradise lodge well up the mountain, but the service was so abysmal we finally gave up waiting for a table. I didn't mean to, but when we left Paradise I set off in the opposite direction than the way we came in and we ended up exiting the park down at the southern entrance and so had a bit farther to make our way back home. I am thinking of going back there next week with Staci if she is up for it. I did go by Kathi's after work and visited with Staci for an hour or so. Tomorrow night I am supposed to make shrimp etouffee and she is going to come over for dinner.

Meanwhile I just need to get to bed and get to sleep so I can get up at 6:30 am tomorrow and be back at work 8a--2p. feh

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

dunno if

I am ever going to get back into book blogging mode. I have a huge stack right here on the couch but can't seem to write about any of them. Ron had a doctor's appointment this morning and afterwards Sam wanted to go back to the barbecue place in South Hill. So we did and I had the most wonderful BBQ brisket special. It was like a half pound of really good meat with baked beans and potato salad.

When we got home from that Staci called. Things have been hectic in her world. Since her last visit one of her friend's husband died, then she got sun stroke, and then most seriously her father had a stroke. She has spent the past week arranging for him to have nurses and a home health aid and is really grateful to be over here on vacation for a week or so. (Kathi leaves for Florida on Friday for about a week, then Staci and Kathi will drive back to Boise sometime thereafter.)

Meanwhile, since Staci will be busy with Kathi tomorrow, Ron Sam and I are planning to drive up Mount Rainier and hopefully have lunch at Paradise lodge. Paradise just thie year re-opened after being closed for remodeling for several years and I am anxious to see how it came out. Whatever else, it will be real nice to get back to Rainier again.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

so this evening,

Ron's friend Mike took Ron, Sam and I out to dinner. We went to a place called Jambalaya and it was Really good. I had the most delicious cup of corn chowder to start and it was So flavorful, there were even little crawfish tales cooked up in it. Then for the entree, fried catfish topped with crawfish etouffee over rice. The etouffee was only adequate, but the fish was Really, Really good and I ate every bite. I passed on ordering desert but Ron gave me several bites of his sumptious choclate ice cream pie. A wonderful meal.

So I am home and trying to get into book blogging mode but not having a whole lot of success at that. Oh well. And I am down to number three in Books so not stressing on it anyway. cest la vie.

Monday, September 8, 2008

work today

was thanfully not that bad. My immediate supervisor was Off today (as in at home, not there) and without w0rrying myself about managing Beckie's perceptions and just Do the job like I've done it all along and my three day weekend starts NOW. I am thinking of driving us up to Mount Rainier on Thursday this week (I really want to see the renovations at Paradise Lodge), but Staci will be here then (she is house-sitting at Kathi's for a couple of weeks) and my little Saturn might be a bit cramped with all four of us in the car.

I suppose I could dig out my calendar and make sure but I think that Staci gets here on Wed and that Kathi leaves for Florida on Friday (0r is Tuesday/Thursday??). Anywho I am looking forward to seeing more of Staci than we did last time, when she was Really bizzy doing Kathi's major cleaning and clearing out project. Here's hoping that Staci and Sam hit it off.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


was hellishly busy, per usual. The only Good thing about Sunday is that it is only a five hour shift and we are only Open for four hours so at least it goes by pretty quick. And now that we have three pages working on Sundays we can actually keep up with the returns and shelving instead of getting the work room all backed up. So I am home and relaxing while Rick has driven Ron and Sam to the outlet to buy "snacks and stuff". I'm amazed to still be at number one in Books with a score over a thousand, though I see my Sunday readers/droppers are down per usual. It is nice to be number one though.

The boys are back and it's time to see about something for dinner.

Alan (has just One more shift to work until his three day weekend)