Wednesday, August 6, 2008

feels like Sunday night :(

So tomorrow it is back to work for me. My two too quick days off were not nearly as productive as I had hoped (I still haven't taken that damned hearing aid up to Federal Way), though I did have a very nice lunch with Staci, who is flying home to Boise tomorrow and leaving behind Kathi's house looking like one of those home staging companies has just left. It was a transformation worthy of HGTV. Staci will be returning at some undetermined time in September to house sit when Kathi goes down to Florida gto visit her mother and we will get to see a lot more of her on that visit.

Today was errands payday = errands day. Ron and I went to the bank and to the Right Aid and to Group Health and to Brett's on our medicine run. And then Ron and Rick when and did major grocery shopping. Still need to fill up the tank. Staci put $10 in gas in for me when we drove down to Dupont for lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet, and after today's trips it's back down under an eight. At least it has finally dropped back just under 4 dollars a gallon here. I did manage to do a blog post and drop some Entrecards but fortunatley my visitors on The Thin Red Line have been good and getting better all week so the blog is holding its own. I am looking forward to being off on Saturday. Hoping this finds you off to a great Thursday.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I suppose you're right, but....

First off a BIG Thank You to cardiogirl who commented on yesterday's post something to the effect of 'so take your darned meds and maybe you won't be tired all the time'. And of course she's probably right about that, at least partially. Though from my end it's never that simple. For one thing, at the moment, I am out of several of my meds and it won't be possible for me to go pick them up until payday on Wednesday morning. But even when I am not out, I am just terrible about forgetting to take my pills. Ron and I both have little plastic trays with little boxes for morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime x 7 days/week. And having the pills all laid out like that definitely helps, but even so sometimes I just don't think about it.

Work today was blessedly abbreviated since Ron had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and I left for the day at 1pm instead of my usual 3:30. The cardiac surgeon says Ron's recovery is going well, though he was pretty critical with Ron for having gained ten pounds. I fell so bad for my sweetie. He just really craves carbs, poor thing. We didn't get back from the doctor's office until around 4pm. Came home, cooked and made dinner and now we are sitting here in front of the tv, both of us looking like we are about to fall asleep any minute. (And the cruel irony of this is that when we go to bed in a couple of hours, chances are we will both be Fully Awake and not much in sleeping mode. Thankfully I do have some Trazadone left and that should put me out.)

Meanwhile I am looking forward to seeing Staci tomorrow, though being the day before payday we will be very limited in what we can do. Ah well. Hope this find your work week off to a good start. Happy Monday.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I seem to be Really tired A Lot lately. It's not yet 8pm and I can only just barely keep my eyes open and type this little post. I would think that maybe my blood sugar was messed up or something (I haven't really been fully compliant on my meds for ages now) but when I checked my sugar was 96, which is to say normal. With seeing Staci on Tuesday and then maybe having a doctor's appointment to take Ron to on Wednesday, I fear I won't get much blogging or catch-up resting done.

So I was telling Ron that I was thinking of maybe taking some time off in September when Staci will be here and he reminded me that his (our) friend Sam will be here from Baltimore from Sept 2nd to October 4th. I am really looking forward to spending time with Sam, though I am still thinking that I will take some time off while Staci is here, though I'm not sure how much vaca I have coming since I took off a full week when Ron was in the hospital for his bypass.

And the really sad part about my anxious anticipation of taking vacation while these two dear friends are here to spend time with, is that fact that deep down I suspect what I am really looking forward to is merely the chance to sleep in.