Wednesday, August 6, 2008

feels like Sunday night :(

So tomorrow it is back to work for me. My two too quick days off were not nearly as productive as I had hoped (I still haven't taken that damned hearing aid up to Federal Way), though I did have a very nice lunch with Staci, who is flying home to Boise tomorrow and leaving behind Kathi's house looking like one of those home staging companies has just left. It was a transformation worthy of HGTV. Staci will be returning at some undetermined time in September to house sit when Kathi goes down to Florida gto visit her mother and we will get to see a lot more of her on that visit.

Today was errands payday = errands day. Ron and I went to the bank and to the Right Aid and to Group Health and to Brett's on our medicine run. And then Ron and Rick when and did major grocery shopping. Still need to fill up the tank. Staci put $10 in gas in for me when we drove down to Dupont for lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet, and after today's trips it's back down under an eight. At least it has finally dropped back just under 4 dollars a gallon here. I did manage to do a blog post and drop some Entrecards but fortunatley my visitors on The Thin Red Line have been good and getting better all week so the blog is holding its own. I am looking forward to being off on Saturday. Hoping this finds you off to a great Thursday.

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