Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday afternoon slowdown

Well, I am half way through my work week and enjoying my Saturday afternoon. Staci had been scheduled to fly home to Boise tomorrow but Ron called and it turns out she is staying on until Thursday because there is still so much cleaning to be done. (Rumor has it they have taken pickup truck fulls of stuff to the dump and three to charity; I'm told we will not recognize the house in its new cleaned up state.) So we now have plans to get together with Staci on Tuesday. Not sure what we'll do but even if we just hang out together it will be great to spend some time with Staci again. And she is coming back again next month to house-sit and dog-sit when Kathi is going to Florida to visit her mother. I am going to find out just when exactly this is to take place and request some vacation timeso we will be able to see her often then.

Apart from writing this little blog post and eating some chocolate chip cookies that Ron just baked I am kind of fading fast and expect I will be turning in fairly early this evening, even though I don't have to be to work until noon tomorrow. Goodnight.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Friday

And a happy Friday to you. I have been busy since the 9pm (Pacific Time) Entrecard day change but am pleased to say I have managed to drop three hundred cards for one blog (none for the other alas) using an excellent drop list I stumbled on the other day at Windmill of My Mind. Most (though sadly not All of the listed sites included on this list have their widgets above the fold or at least just one or two clicks down the page, though occasionally I did run out of patience and give up on a site but even with having to add perhaps ten sites not on the list, I made my three hundred by midnight, freeing me to go to bed. This is critical since I start my Friday--Monday work week at 8am, and I definitely need to try real hard to get some sleep so that I can check in and scan all of tomorrow's books.

You may have noticed that I've been building my own EC drop list in a post below the fold, though I am only up to about 180 sites and dropping there is slower at least for now since i am continually clicking on ads in search of new sites to add to my list (and then adding them right away), which is why doing a similar number of drops early in the week took about four hours longer. I do intend to complete and maintain my own list, but this is very handy to have anohter's list to rely on when I'm buys and need to complete all dropping quickly.

Here's wishing you a great weekend.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Wednesday

And a happy Wednesday to you! My days off from work always seem to go by much more quickly and much less productively than I intend. Apart from blogging and dropping cards, I accomplished absolutely nothing yesterday and today's start is not auspicious. I had a dentist appointment for 8:15 am, but overslept and missed it. Will have to try to get Ron to call them and reschedule. Meanwhile I am trying to get my blogging and dropping done for today so that I can take my broken hearing aid up to Virginia Mason in Federal Way and hopefully swing by Kathi's today to visit her and Staci. (Regular readers will note that I first blogged about that errand last week but never got around to it.)

I feel bad that I haven't seen much of Staci this trip. Since she is working for Kathi doing major housecleaning and organizing, she had to pass on our invitation to the Scottish Highlands festival last Saturday. (The fact that it would have been $15/each for admission plus $4 to park also weighed in strongly against going.) Ron seems extremely reluctant to call over there and talk to them (he and Kathi do Not care for each other At All). I messaged Kathi on Twitter yesterday but didn't hear back. I am thinking I will just stop by there en route to or from Virginia Mason and hope to catch them.

Here's wishing you a happy and productive Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It's 4:30am and my thought for the day is that I don't know how those folks with 5 blogs in the game survive all their dropping. After dropping 160-something credits Twice. Which has taken me from 9pm til 4:20 am (well, that and watching the first 12 episodes of Dallas in an odd DVD-induced flashback to 1978) I am suffering severe "click fatigue" combined with some vague voice of guilt (but did I Really drop Enough???) that I am telling firmly to shut up and get out of my haid.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A beginning, of sorts

Last June when I started my blog, which has come to be called The Thin Red Line, it was basically my personal diary or journal, and since I happen to work at a library and am literally immersed in books pretty much All the time, it also included the occasional book review. And then one day I stumbled into Blog Catalog, where I got and took some excellent advice from James Bashkin, who's Nearly Nothing But Novels blog was one of the first book-related blogs I found online, and in theory migrated my personal "journalling" over to this blog and focused the other site more tightly on book reviews.

Trouble is, in over a year of having this blog I have only written in it twice, and used it as a test site a couple of times and never actually got around to the journal. My friend Bev Sykes whose Funny The World has been showing the world what a great daily online journal looks like since long before anyone ever conceived of the term "blog". So it is with a tip of the hat to Bev that I nervously and cautiously begin this new experiment in writing daily about the wacky, wonderful world of Alan and Ron and life at the library. I'm a bit scared I won't know what to say some days, but I suppose I will just have to wing it. So welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Re-taking The Plunge

Welcome my friends and any odd strays who have wandered in here. I am preparing to actually launch this blog in the personal diary category and have pledged to myself to type Something in this space Every Day. Apart from the fact that I definitely will Not be doing any book reviews over here, pretty much anything is fair game, including whatever happened to happen to me today. (N0t to mention pissing and moaning about writing all those book reviews ;)

Sunday was as always a Hugely Bizzy day at work, and I am gearing up to one more day, Monday, before my three day weekend Tues-Wed-Thurs. I have an 8 ayem (youch!) dentist appointment Wednesday but hope to get plenty of rest and do plenty of reading and blogging this week.

So welcome again to my daily grind. I'll try to make it worth your time.