Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday afternoon slowdown

Well, I am half way through my work week and enjoying my Saturday afternoon. Staci had been scheduled to fly home to Boise tomorrow but Ron called and it turns out she is staying on until Thursday because there is still so much cleaning to be done. (Rumor has it they have taken pickup truck fulls of stuff to the dump and three to charity; I'm told we will not recognize the house in its new cleaned up state.) So we now have plans to get together with Staci on Tuesday. Not sure what we'll do but even if we just hang out together it will be great to spend some time with Staci again. And she is coming back again next month to house-sit and dog-sit when Kathi is going to Florida to visit her mother. I am going to find out just when exactly this is to take place and request some vacation timeso we will be able to see her often then.

Apart from writing this little blog post and eating some chocolate chip cookies that Ron just baked I am kind of fading fast and expect I will be turning in fairly early this evening, even though I don't have to be to work until noon tomorrow. Goodnight.

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