Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It's 4:30am and my thought for the day is that I don't know how those folks with 5 blogs in the game survive all their dropping. After dropping 160-something credits Twice. Which has taken me from 9pm til 4:20 am (well, that and watching the first 12 episodes of Dallas in an odd DVD-induced flashback to 1978) I am suffering severe "click fatigue" combined with some vague voice of guilt (but did I Really drop Enough???) that I am telling firmly to shut up and get out of my haid.


Mandi said...

I hear that! Between trying to maintain 3 blogs, get clicks, drop Entrecards, keep up my other sites and do my regular job, I get so sick of the mouse sometimes!

Patricia Rockwell said...

I only have one blog and drop the max 300 each day and I am exhausted! I agree. How can you do it with 2 or 3?

U.S. Common Sense said...

I've actually been out of the "dropping" cycle for quite a while. I run one daily-ish blog and a weekly blog, and I find that I barely have enough time just for that let alone do a lot of site hopping.

Keep up the good work though! Dropping cards is one of the best ways to gain exposure for your work. Now . . . put some ice on those fingers and take a break. :)