Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Wednesday

And a happy Wednesday to you! My days off from work always seem to go by much more quickly and much less productively than I intend. Apart from blogging and dropping cards, I accomplished absolutely nothing yesterday and today's start is not auspicious. I had a dentist appointment for 8:15 am, but overslept and missed it. Will have to try to get Ron to call them and reschedule. Meanwhile I am trying to get my blogging and dropping done for today so that I can take my broken hearing aid up to Virginia Mason in Federal Way and hopefully swing by Kathi's today to visit her and Staci. (Regular readers will note that I first blogged about that errand last week but never got around to it.)

I feel bad that I haven't seen much of Staci this trip. Since she is working for Kathi doing major housecleaning and organizing, she had to pass on our invitation to the Scottish Highlands festival last Saturday. (The fact that it would have been $15/each for admission plus $4 to park also weighed in strongly against going.) Ron seems extremely reluctant to call over there and talk to them (he and Kathi do Not care for each other At All). I messaged Kathi on Twitter yesterday but didn't hear back. I am thinking I will just stop by there en route to or from Virginia Mason and hope to catch them.

Here's wishing you a happy and productive Wednesday.


cardiogirl said...

It's not funny that Ron does not get along with Kathi, but I liked how you punctuated that sentence to give the proper emphasis to the correct words.

I felt like you were sitting next to me speaking those words and I could just hear the inflection.

Well done!

Lastly, I feel the same way, I get up, I write my post and then I want to get my dropping done for the day. Like it's a job. But I feel unfinished business is lingering if I don't get it done in the morning.

p.s. How fun! A personal blog, good for you!

Alan said...

Thanks, cg. Actually your blog was a Lot of inspiration to me to finally get going with this one. I am hoping that once I get going with it a bit more I will find better things to talk about than my daily ec drops ;)