Monday, July 28, 2008

A beginning, of sorts

Last June when I started my blog, which has come to be called The Thin Red Line, it was basically my personal diary or journal, and since I happen to work at a library and am literally immersed in books pretty much All the time, it also included the occasional book review. And then one day I stumbled into Blog Catalog, where I got and took some excellent advice from James Bashkin, who's Nearly Nothing But Novels blog was one of the first book-related blogs I found online, and in theory migrated my personal "journalling" over to this blog and focused the other site more tightly on book reviews.

Trouble is, in over a year of having this blog I have only written in it twice, and used it as a test site a couple of times and never actually got around to the journal. My friend Bev Sykes whose Funny The World has been showing the world what a great daily online journal looks like since long before anyone ever conceived of the term "blog". So it is with a tip of the hat to Bev that I nervously and cautiously begin this new experiment in writing daily about the wacky, wonderful world of Alan and Ron and life at the library. I'm a bit scared I won't know what to say some days, but I suppose I will just have to wing it. So welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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Vienne said...

Hi Alan! I just discovered your personal blog. I know what you mean about "neglecting" a blog. I often feel torn among the three I have. I give one due attention and then become distracted with social media sites. I've been experimenting with Digg lately. It's interesting, but odd dynamics at work sometimes.

Anyway, I'll be checking back to see what's been happening over here! Vienne