Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sometimes,  I think,  'I owe all it all to pie pictures'.     After getting back into socializing with my online friends,  my dividends picked back up,   I started selling shares again every day and 'lo and behold after 9 months on the Avenue  (e)LIBDRONE is trading over 100 eaves/share.   (Of course my high flying social media friends,  who had their century marks months ago are quick to tell me that 200 is the new 100. And I sigh just a little.

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In the new year I plan to release further revisions,  as Empire Avenue grows and changes.    The current 1.1 release is up to ate for all of the new changes on Empire Avenue,  except for Missions.     Look for a version 1.2 that will include an all new section about Missions sometime in January.     In the meantime,   a very Merry Christmas to you and your friends and families.      I hope that you have some yummy things on tap to eat and will get a chance to have some special time with those you love.      Happy Holidays, my friends.