Saturday, October 18, 2008

I survived

the work week, though I was very tired and draggy at work today. the new check in method really has eliminated our backlogged turn around time and hopefully the pressure is back to Off now. I am off tomorrow, Saturday, before heading back to finish my week Sunday and Monday. Other good work news is my supv Approved my vaca request for the Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving so hopefully Ron and I will be driving over to Boise Tuesday--Tuesday to spend turkey day with Staci and Clint. I am REALLY hoping we get to go.

meanwhile I realize I am back to neglecting This blog and all five of the posts I wrote last week have published and five more are due RSN.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

dueling blogs?

I knew going in that I would not be blogging much during September, though I am a bit surprised (appalled even) at just how hard it has been to get back into the swing of all things blog. The good news is that I have re-arranged my layout over on the books blog and am now (finally) displaying the CMF ad box correctly and am now serving only two rather than four Project Wonderful spots. The three column layout looks good to me, and I hope it will to my visitors as well.

I am way down to number eight or nine in the Books category on Entrecard at the moment, but I did manage to drop my three hundred cards today and have received more drops so far today than on any day in the past week. Will have to try to do the full 300 again tomorrow and hope that some of my ads produce so that I can move back up in the rankings. Meanwhile, however, I am getting some decent traffic from search engines and other non-EC sources. I notice that I've recently passed 50,000 unique visitors and 100,000 page views.

And then I peek over here and realize I have been competely neglecting This blog. (sighs). I was sick and did not work Fri-Sat-Sun. Went to the clinic and the chest x-ray showed fluid in my lungs and my white cell count was way high. They put me on an anti-biotic and gave me an albuterol inhaler. (Oh man, does that damn thing taste gross. ICK!). By Monday I felt somewhat better and dragged myself into work. It was a fairly nice and easy shift since my boss was not working that day.

I was Really bad and I stayed up all night getting all 5 of this weeks book posts published, or more accurately pre-published-- The Thin Red Line will have a new post go live at one minute past midnight Eastern Time on Wed-Thu-Fri and this will be the first time I've done five posts in a week in Ages. I also dropped my cards overnight. Now I'm thinking what I _really_ need to do is to put the lappy down and work on reading/planning for next week's posts, as well as the three missing Banned Books Week posts I have Promised myself I will back fill.

Men and women toil from dusk to dawn, but the blogger's work is Never done.

Happy Tuesday