Sunday, September 7, 2008


was hellishly busy, per usual. The only Good thing about Sunday is that it is only a five hour shift and we are only Open for four hours so at least it goes by pretty quick. And now that we have three pages working on Sundays we can actually keep up with the returns and shelving instead of getting the work room all backed up. So I am home and relaxing while Rick has driven Ron and Sam to the outlet to buy "snacks and stuff". I'm amazed to still be at number one in Books with a score over a thousand, though I see my Sunday readers/droppers are down per usual. It is nice to be number one though.

The boys are back and it's time to see about something for dinner.

Alan (has just One more shift to work until his three day weekend)


cardiogirl said...

I know this sucks for you, having to work on Sunday, but how lucky for the citizens of your town. The one library over closes on weekends (WTF?) and all the other ones are closed on Sundays.

Again, not to overwork the drones, but come on. Give us at least a three hour window to pick up some stuff.

Just sayin'...

Alan said...

Sunday afternoon hours have proved Very popular with our patrons and we are learning to adjust. Though for the folks who are not scheduled for Every Sunday, they do Not get an extra day off during the week when they pull Sunday duty, rather their 4 Sunday hours are subtracted from each of their other three workdays, so the only benefit for coming in another day is their 4 hours of time and a half. Seems a little chintzy to me.

(Foolishly when I signed up for this gig I had thought that Sunday would be a slow, dead day and wasn't I clever for taking the easy shift no body wanted....I can be Really stupid sometimes)