Saturday, September 6, 2008

time flies

when you're having fun. Sam has been with us since Tuesday afternoon and we have been treated to eating out and all sorts of other little goodies. I have been very bad and have only published a total of _one_ blog posts. Ironically, while I have not been publishing this week, the books blog went to number one in the Entrecard category, and thanks to some good ad buys, traffic is Way up. Meanwhile I have a full weeks worth of books arranged next to me on the sofa and am hoping to push myself to publish five posts dated this coming Monday through Friday.

The Thursday close--Friday open work sequence was not as bad as usual this week, and I am thankful to be off today. It is cool, clear and very bright and sunny in the PNW today. Ron has a roast beast cooking for tonight's dinner and I am trying to get to work on the blog posts. Hope you're all having a happy weekend.

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