Saturday, September 22, 2007


Tired today. I think that I probably have all of the meds right now (I haven't had any more of those horrible dizzy spells) but I slept late and woke up tired and have been just kind of blah all day. I did go to the library and brought home two stacks of books-- one stack of stuff I may blog about this week and another stack of books on blogging.

I'm really thrilled with the outpouring of love and kindness I received in response to yesterday's post. The more that I think about, the surer I am that separating my personal diary from my book review site will enhance both immensely and I am so grateful to Jim for helping me to realize this.

Among my library books was a cookbook for challa bread, which Ron is reading now. Ron makes really great breads and I am hoping he will feel the inspiration to do that someday soon.

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