Wednesday, December 28, 1988

Entrecard Quick Drop List

To my friends,

This seems to be my week for being a victim of scrapers and sploggers. Due to unauthorized use of the quick drop list I have removed it from this site and placed it in a password protected post at my main blog. If you are a friend and not a scraper, shoot me an email to drone at libdrone dot info and I will be happy to provide you with the link and password.

And if getting scraped by sploggers is gonna be a daily experience I fear I may have to dump Entrecard, despite all the friends I've made there and all the traffic its brought me.

Kindest Regards,



clairec23 said...

Great list!! Thanks for adding my blog but I'm just happy that I've found a list of blogs that load without any trouble. I'm always wasting time trying to load up blogs and I can never remember which ones gave me trouble.

AC Associates said...

Hi, thank you for the mention. Glad I made the easy to load list.
Have a great weekend!

Who We Are said...

This is a great list!

Stine said...


Alan said...

lol. I had no idea anyone else ws using this. I don't publicize this blog anywhere at all

Who We Are said...

Found it through Technorati to see who was talking about us.

Alan said...

Thanks for the explanation, Who We Are. It kind of figures. Technorati can never seem to find and update posts on the blog I try my damndest to publicize but is sending lots of visitors to the private page I don't care about. The irony.