Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sometimes You Just Want to Scream

Ok, so I totally bungled the 'write everyday' thing. And many things in my life seem to have conspired to keep me from regular posting. Our uber sucky Eartnhlink DSL, which has been mostly down, but occasionally annoyingly up, just long enough to load a single web page and make you Think you are online only to go configurator on you the moment you click on anything. So I finally got off my lazy ass and sauntered down to the library with my laptop. (And now I am one of those bored, tired looking patrons who congregate at the back tables (which overlook the front gardens, go figure), typoing away on my puter and surrepetitously people watching.

At the moment I kind of envy Vienne, the Eavesdrop Blogger. She no doubt, would be listening to the conversation of the odd group at the next table and by this stage of her visit to the library would probably have written one of her great posts. But I have no clue what any of those people are saying and hope, mostly, just not to be noticed by any fellow staff members who want to Talk. Feh. If definitely feels like busman's holiday being back at the library on my day off. But it sure is nice to be online.

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