Monday, December 22, 2008

It feels rather as though

I am somehow still back in Boston. One of the major attractions of the Seattle area for me was the mild climate. While we are actually farther north than Massachusetts, and do have the storied endlessly gray winters, the climate is quite mild and most winters it snows at Most once or twice. No one in these parts knows how to drive in winter weather, but it's really not an issue since the metro area generally closes down at the first signs of snow, which usually melts down the drains the next day and we are back to our usual cool and gray.

This year however is one for the record books. As of this second day of winter (by the calendar anyway) we have had more than a solid week of continuing snow and Very cold temperatures. The roads are virtually impassable (snow plows are very hard to come by in these parts), the airport is jammed full of stranded passengers after our hometown airline, Alaska, went through their entire year's supply of de-icing fluid last week and canceled all service to SeaTac, all schools and government offices are closed through at least next week. Feh. This is Exactly the kind of weather I moved here from Boston to escape from. I'd love to invite the climate change deniers to come shovel out the parking lot of my apartment building, which is proving to be the most dangerous place to drive this week. I don't even own a snow shovel and don't even recall any being offered for sale around here. Yikes.

Merry Effing Christmas.

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