Sunday, April 3, 2011

Coffee and Chicory

One of the thing's I've missed most since moving away from New Orleans is the food.   Louisiana cooking really is a huge gift and I can't count the times I've longed for an oyster po' boy,  a bowl of gubo or a big plate of crayfish etoufee.   One tiny element of the food I grew up with that I get to continue today is coffee and chicory.    Ron found that he can order the Community Coffee & Chicory from New Orleans via Amazon and we both love drinking it every day.   (We signed up for an  auto-order plan-- they send it automatically every three months-- and save 10%.    It's particularly nice on a Sunday morning to sit and drink a cup of real New Orleans coffee.

The chicory part is odd, I know.   On its own I don't care for chicory at all,  but during the war when they had to conserve coffee,  New Orleanians began blending chicory into the ground coffee to stretch it.   And in New Orleans the flavor caught on and New Orleanians drink their coffee with chicory  to this day.    It got me to thinking about relationships, oddly.     I have friends whom I love dearly that have a definite bitter-ish edge.   It doesn't make me love them any less.   But I sometimes don't know how to deal with it.    And that frustrates me, sometimes.   Sometimes people are implacable.   It often seems to bring out in me a need to placate them.    I suspect it is true we often create our own obstacles.

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