Tuesday, August 26, 2008

been stumbled

Well, I finally got around to looking at my stats and figuring out why my traffic is Up Nicely even though my Entrecard visitors are way down. And the answer is, the Monday post about Edward Hasbrouck's The Practical Nomad has been Stumbled Upon. Barely more than twelve hours since publication and that full post page has already been viewed 262 times, hence the high traffic numbers. It's definitely not steady traffic and probably not very sticky traffic either, but Stumble Upon is great for getting a bunch of people to visit your post. Mystery Solved.

1 comment:

cardiogirl said...

Congrats on the stumble! I know what you mean when you say it's great getting all that traffic, but a let down when you see your pages are not sticky.

I still applaud your effort at starting anew with a different blog. I can't imagine juggling two of them. Keep on rockin' in the free world!