Sunday, August 24, 2008

regarding blog ads

Yesterday's post drew a strong agreement from Cardiogirl in the comments. Having earned about forty dollars in the program, she feels compelled to stay until she gets the hundred, despite having learned that there are other, much more small publisher friendly advertising networks. On The Thin Red Line I am showing Project Wonderful ads at the top of the page, and while they are not making me rich, they do supply a steady cash flow that can be immediately used to purchase advertising or withdrawn in any amount above ten dollars. Many, many, many months ago I invested $15 and bought at ton of advertising with it. I've since taken out $10.01 and have a bit under 5 dollars on account.

When I remember to insert the ad code at the bottom of my posts, I have Adsense ads at the bottom of the full post page. I also have a small Adsense block in my sidebar, though you have to scroll down some before it becomes visible so it does not get the impressions the PW ads do up top. With only ten dollars earned I don't particularly feel compelled to stick around to get over 100 and get paid, though I can appreciate CG's point of view. I would definitely recommend to any new bloggers to Not get involved with Adsense.


Cromely said...

I appreciate the comments. I always wonder just how lucrative those things are. They generally just don't seem to be worth the hassle.

I suppose if I had the time to focus on making the blog generate revenue, it could work out. Turnip of Power seems to do fairly well.

But I guess I'm blogging more for the need to write, and for ego-gratifcation, as opposed to financial independence.

Alan said...

well, yes Turnip does seem to do well, but he is doing all that affiliate marketing which I haven't really wanted to get into. I don't think it's really possible to make much money just from blogging. The most I've heard of is the ads covering the hosting costs.