Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Apparently I am _never_ actually get around to posting here every single day, though it is a small comfort that I am managing to post more here than I do in books. And speaking of the books blog, this Wednesday morning brought a very pleasant surprise. I have finally dropped down under 100,000 in my Alexa ranking. (99,985 to be exact). I had previously been right on the verge (100,xxx) when Alexa changed the way they calculate (whatever the heck it is they are calculating) and I shot up to 140,xxx.

Now, I just have to find a way to get back into the habit of posting a book review every day. It's not that I've stopped bringing books home and reading. Somehow lately it is like pulling teeth to string together any words about books. And WordPress isn't helping either. Lately it seems if I save an incomplete draft post, when I re-open it, the compose window is mysteriously AWOL and absolutely Nothing will bring it back. Very annoying. So I recently finished a great book about bananas, and have and have read books for a cookbook roundup and an Easy book roundup, but the posts just are not getting written. (Egad, I've become one of those writers who Only writes about his struggles with writers block. Feh.)

Meanwhile, I called in sick on Monday and had a "lost day" and caught up on some much needed sleep. Then Tuesday Ron and Sam slept in most of the day Tuesday. So now it's Wednesday morning, and I am hoping to see both Brett and Staci today. Here's hoping all of you Monday--Friday types are having a nice 'hump day' and hopefully I will be back tomorrow with more news from the wacky world of Alan.

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