Sunday, September 28, 2008


night. I am determined to make this the week that I get back into blogging every day, on both blogs. It is Banned Books Week, which at least gives me a ready made theme for the books blog and I Have ordered from the library all of the ten most frequently challenged books of 2007 that I have not already read many times over. Planning to post about two each day for the Monday--Friday week. The first post is done and set up to go live at one minute past midnight (eastern time zone). Just have to see if I can keep it up.

Sam is still here until the seventh of October but Staci and Kathi drove back to Boise on Friday. She has invited us to come over there for Thanksgiving, but who knows if we will be able to go. I will hopefully be back tomorrow.


Mitch said...

Ah was wondering what you've been up to. Haven't seen you around on Blog Catalog much these days now either. Though alot of the people i used to chat with on there don't seem to blog anymore. Anyways I took a 4-5 month break from blogging myself.

Alan said...

Hay Mitch,

Good to see you, buddy. I dunno if BC got to big or what but the threads there these days just don't interest me all that much. Now that I am back from hiatus I am full of planned posts to fill each day ;)