Thursday, November 13, 2008

I want a Peek!

I just saw something online that I REALLY want to get, just as soon as I can afford it. A million years ago when I had a Good Job at a big ISP, I used to carry a little pager size device with a full qwerty keyboard and tiny screen that allowed me to receive all of my regular e-mails by pager any time, any where. And I dearly loved it. But years later after my jobs were offshored and things were tight I had to drop the 25 dollar a month service.

But now there's Peek, which is said to be a stylishly thin, smart sized device that allows you to read your email any time/any where. And it only costs 80 bucks, then 20 a month service charge. I paid about 150 for that pager way back when. If anybody is wondering what to get me for Christmas....

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