Wednesday, December 10, 2008

site is looking good

I have eliminated all of my long blogrolls, and every site that had been listed is now listed instead in one of the four RSS digests on my page. I just love being able to browse through everyone's headlines and read some really great blogs, and not worry about dropping all those cards. While I still have the EC widget up and will take what traffic they give me, I am going to be promoting the dotCOM page more and more going into 2009 and try to continue building a real audience. I will also be constantly on the look out for quality new blogs to add to my feed mixes and will also have to be diligent about removing the feeds of blogs that go dark or don't update.

I am thinking of this as my post Entercard (or at the very least post Turnip on Entercard) period. I am a bit scared about losing some of what was no doubt regular, consistent junk traffic, but very excited about future prospects. Now, I just have to promote

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Cromely said...

Looks good. I've been always been more a fan of RSS based blog rolls than Static blog rolls.

And you new site is really what blogging was all about in the beginning.