Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To our Congressional leaders in Washington

It really just makes me want to SCREAM. For 8 years when the Demo's were a minority party they were very consistently shit upon by Repthuglicans who (irrespective of the fact that President Junior was appointed by by the Supremes and was NEVER in fact elected by the people) and they pretty much just laid there and took it, almost never filibustering or otherwise going all out to try to impeded the R's at every possible turn.

So Obama is elected with a clear mandate and the damned Dems spent their critical first year foolishly seeking bi-partisanship with R's who have been united to thwart them at every turn. Hey Nancy and Harry, STOP BEING NICE AND PLAY HARDBALL for a change. You were elected to create change and get things done and it just aint happenin for us folks down here at the bottom of the line.

It was a huge mistake, Nancy, not to begin the current two year session of Congress with a thorough criminal investigation of all the Bushit the R's pulled off during their spectacularly awful eight years. That opportunity has passed, most likely, and now the people of small towns in Massachusetts (who Already Have for themselves the benefits health care reform was to bring to the rest of the country) have thrown a monkey wrench into Harry's tortuously obtained bad compromise. (Cornhusker kickback, Ben?)

First things FIRST, eliminate the super-majority requirement to end filibusters. The first piece of legislation to pass in the Senate is the sensible proposal to change it so that while breaking a filibuster on a first vote requires 60 votes, after two days a second vote can pass with 57, after two more days 55, etc. It is ridiculous and inexcusable that a determined minority representing a small number of people can endlessly thwart the ability of the elected representatives of the majority of our population to get anything done.

Then, start over on health care and write a VERY partisan bill that can win the support of 50 Senators and phuque the Repthuglicans. If you don't, it's a sure bet that Demo's won't continue to be a majority in 2011.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Lib...I am the first one to want Universal Health care, in fact I could be considered a drone myself. see my Journal #10-#14-#17 and #19. All are related to Health-care, Health- care Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Medical Industry. I know we have to be careful because we are uniting those on the other side who don't "get IT". My husband and children are going to Canada for the last 19 years. Hey that reminds me..I will blog about it!!! Thanks for reminding me. Please become a follower and I will do likewise. Keep the faith. P