Thursday, March 31, 2011

Empire Builder

First,   please note that this post has nothing whatsoever to do with the Amtrak train that travels between Chicago and Seattle.   (Though I would of course like to take that train.   Someday.)    A few days ago, my friend Tony posted something about a new social networking site he's been using.   So I clicked the link and was very soon caught up in Empire Avenue,  a new social networking aggregation site that revolves around a stock market theme.    When you sign up, you choose a ticker symbol  (mine is LIBDRONE-- go figure ;) and other users can buy shares in you.    As you sell  shares, your value increases.   Your value also increases based on your participation in social networks--  specifically Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Flickr and You Tube.

I've had a boat load of fun buying and selling shares in other people.   As most always happens,  several of my most social-networking-savvy friends are already on there  (and of course,  I bought shares in them right away) and I am meeting a bunch of fun and interesting new people.    I have a feeling that I am going to enjoy actively participating in Empire Avenue.    And I am 100% certain that talk about a virtual stock market social networking site,  really doesn't belong on the books blog.   So I decided once again to dust off my old, old personal blog,  so that I can write about what I'm mostly doing for fun online these days.     I expect that I will spend some time dusting off the old site,  adding pictures and widgets and re-listing on CMFads and Blog Catalog and other places I took it down from,  the last time I stopped updating this site.

If you haven't already,  please take a few minutes to check out Empire Avenue,  and please do buy 200 shares in me.   It doesn't cost anything to join or participate.   There are some optional added features that you can buy with real money,  but it is definitely not required,  nor necessary to have a grand old time becoming a virtual social stock market mogul.      If you do visit EA,  be sure to say hello.   I'll be happy to buy some shares in you and hope that you enjoy playing as much as I do.

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nothingprofound said...

Alan, sounds like fun. Glad you're enjoying it.