Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Were You Planning To Fail?

Today,  you rally need to go read my friend Holly Jahangiri's guest post on We Blog Better:

 Failure To Plan, Planning To Fail: Why You Need A Social Media Plan

Holly is fantastic writer and blogger who does an amazing job of making each interaction feel up close and personal,  yet she still manages the trick of seeming to be everywhere at once.   Whether you're a social media wiz with 20,000 Twitter followers or a brand newbie blogger who is still puzzled by  'tweet' as a verb,  Holly's most excellent post will tell you things you really need to know and link you to some of the best information out there.  

Once you've read Holly's piece,  be sure to leave her a comment and join in the discussion.


Holly Jahangiri said...

Oh, Alan, what a "tweet" surprise this morning! :)

Isn't the befuddlement in the use of "tweet" as a noun? As in, "I read his tweets over coffee, and while it was fascinating and all, I found it difficult to express my disagreement in 140 characters or to find a hashtag that truly summed up my feelings." I mean, birds have always tweeted, right? I suppose odd usage of the verb form, such as "Tweet me later" or "Pretty soon they'll have everyone tweeting about it" do lead to some head-scratching moments for the uninitiated. ;)

Actually, it's kind of a funny visual. Especially after only 5 hours' sleep.

Seriously, thank you for the post! I really appreciate your helping me to spread the word about it.

scribadiva said...

I spent the last few weeks in bed b/c of my hip, so it gave me time to think, and I was planning on asking advice from a few people. Luckily you had it posted! I've got a new mission for my pain blog, and I have so many drafts that need very little work that will be posted. Also, need to get feeds from a few people.Now I have the name of the other blog. So I'm all set! Both blogs with snippets and links will be on my blog list. Once it's cleaned up, you have to come visit, and give me a critique!